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Life Insurance

For the fastest free term life insurance quote online, simply input your non-personal information in the form above. Unlike many free online life insurance rate quotes, ours aren’t tied to any one coverage provider.


For people who are planning on securing their finances for their retirement, the question “what is an annuity” may come to mind, at certain points in their life. After all, so much has been said about this product, yet not everyone is familiar with how this works or the benefit it offers.

Disability Insurance

Looking for Disability Income Insurance? Pacific Insurance Group is one of few in the industry that can provide a association discount for Principal Insurance Company disability income protection and Illinois Mutual disability income protection. Click below to get an instant DI quote.

Term Life Insurance Quotes at Pacific Insurance Group

If you need death benefit coverage for a specific length of time, such as 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, then term life insurance is a suitable choice for you. Term life insurance is the least expensive way to purchase life insurance because the death benefit is designed to last for a period of time and the policy does not build a cash value. If you are in search of term life insurance quotes, our website should help you make a wise decision in getting cheaper rates on your policy.

Permanent Insurance Quotes Online at Pacific Insurance Group

Choosing the right life insurance is crucial, and it is important to take into account the needs of your family. So, if you are in the process of selecting the best life insurance for you, our website should help you make a wise decision worth your time and money. Here, we will focus on permanent life insurance, its features, benefits and other essential information you need to know.

Permanent Life Insurance Facts

Permanent life insurance refers to insurance plans without any expiration. Aside from death benefit, this type of life insurance includes savings that can grow over time. You can also use the savings portion of the insurance policy to cover expenses in the future such as mortgage payment or to pay for your child’s college tuition. No matter what purpose you have in mind when using the cash value of your insurance policy, withdrawing funds is possible with permanent life insurance.

Universal Life Insurance VS. Whole Life

The two types of permanent life insurance are universal life insurance and whole life. Before you start checking out life insurance quotes online, be sure to know the difference between these two options as presented below.

Features of Universal Life Insurance

In case you are more particular about having greater flexibility with using your insurance policy, then universal life is a viable option. With this type of policy, you can vary the premium payment and even the value of your death benefit. However, reducing or increasing your premium is subject to the company’s specific terms and limitations after the initial payment of your premium. Passing a medical exam is also typically required before you can increase your coverage’s face value.

If you find yourself in a tight financial situation, you may pay your premiums through the cash value accumulated, as long as there is enough money to cover the amount needed. With universal life there are also provisions in the contract which can guarantee the policy will not lapse. Universal life insurance is a solid option for people who want to adjust their coverage and premium cost, or to increase their cash value in the shortest period possible.

With all these features and benefits of this policy, consider getting reliable universal life insurance quotes online. Pacific Insurance Group gives you easy access to free life insurance quotes which are accurate and dependable. This will allow you to make a practical decision when it comes to the right coverage for your specific situation and budget.

Overview on Whole Life Insurance

With ordinary whole life insurance, the premium you pay is generally the same every year for the duration of your coverage. The policy also allows you to borrow funds in the future along with a death benefit your beneficiaries can receive. Thus, whole life insurance is ideal for those who prefer life insurance plan that offers protection they cannot outlive, a fixed premium, and accumulation of cash value.

Unlike universal life insurance, whole life insurance has a guaranteed cash value that has to equal your death benefit at age 100. Your cash value increases over time as premiums are paid into the policy. Moreover, the growth of your cash value is tax-deferred, although it is also the same with a universal life policy. With whole life, you can use the dividends to purchase additional coverage or minimize premiums. Keep in mind, though, that you are free to let your dividends keep earning interest or to take them out when the time comes for you to settle certain expenses. Most importantly, you get coverage during your lifetime, and you have the freedom to borrow funds against the cash value of your policy. So, make it a point to compare whole life insurance quotes online to get the best rates that meet your needs and budget.

Find the Right Life Insurance Policy for You

Pacific Insurance Group offers free permanent life insurance quotes online, so you can compare life insurance rates and determine the best option for you. Whether you need whole life or universal life insurance quotes, you should be able to get the information you require quickly and accurately.

Why Obtaining an Online Life Insurance Quote is Beneficial

The fact that nearly everyone needs affordable life insurance is one that cannot be denied. Although the possibility of an untimely death is not something any one likes to think about, facing our own mortality is something that we all must do. In regards to your loved ones and finances, your passing can cause a serious impact on those who you leave behind. This is why it is a good idea to obtain an online life insurance quote.

Here are a couple of reasons why it makes sense to go online and obtain information as well as an accurate life insurance policy quote:

1. Instant Quotes from More than One Carrier

Without online technology, this would be impossible. There was a time in which you would have had to call more than one agency and each time provide them with all of your information. You would then have to set up various appointments with agents and with each individual policy, review the literature to understand the benefits each one offers this narrowing down your options to the one that is best for you. This was a time consuming process, one that could take days to complete. With an online form it takes a single entry form to send your information to more than one company, much like the sample you see on this page, and in seconds you will have life insurance quotes from a number of companies.

2. No Need for a Medical Exam

Searching for life insurance only to be told that prior to being provided with an accurate quote, you must undergo a medical exam can be very frustrating. That last thing you want standing between you and the information required to make the proper decision is an invasive procedure. When you look for an online quote you are able to enter all relevant information in the entry form and be provided with a quote that is up to date without having to go through an exam first. Not only will this save you time, it will also save you money. Although once you do find that policy you wish to purchase you may have to undergo a medical exam, the time and expense will be able to be delayed until you have found what it is you are looking for.

It only takes seconds to obtain an online life insurance quote. You can look over all of your possibilities today with Pacific Insurance Group. To get to the quote form, simply scroll up to the top of this page.

Pacific Insurance Group

Pacific Insurance Group is a National Marketing Director/Managing General Agent for multiple coverage companies and provides a variety of coverage and annuity products. In addition to servicing clients, we recruit and train insurance producers.

We are a family company devoted to serving you and your family to the very best of our ability. Every single recommendation we make is rooted in what is best for the client.

Putting the well being of our clients first has allowed Pacific Insurance Group to become one of the nation’s life coverage leaders.


At Pacific Insurance Group we always put our principles first because we know that you deserve the best.


You can always trust Pacific Insurance Group to provide the best professional advice in a comprehensive yet understandable way.


We provide a high level of service that is fully rooted in years of experience and an extensive knowledgebase.


Pacific Insurance Group works hard to educate both potential insurance clients and the producers we work with.

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J. Carter Gray, CLU®

With a practice that was established in 2000, Carter prides himself on helping his clients develop personalized retirement strategies that allow them to reach their retirement goals. Raised in the financial industry, his parents worked to help clients plan their retirement for over 40 years.

  • Chartered Life Underwriter
  • University of Washington Graduate
  • Customized Plans to fit your needs
  • Tax-Diversification Strategies
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What our clients say about us . .

David Dahlstrom Pacific Insurance Group Testimonial

David Dahlstrom, CIH, FAIHA
LinkedIn Profile

“As a Life Insurance and Financial Advisor client of Carter over the past several years, I honestly tell you that he is one of the best, most informed, hard-working Insurance Professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with in over 45 years. You cannot find a better-focused, client-centric, hardworking, and insurance product savvy professional in the business, in my experience. Carter finds and tailors each policy directly to the needs of each client. There is no high pressure or cookie cutter policy for his clients. He and his team of insurance experts dedicate their time to working with and finding the BEST insurance product to meet the financial and risk protection needs for each of his clients. Carter is one heck of a leader as well. He has helped to establish and has led the Bellevue, Washington LinkedIn Group to the benefit of all members for several years. He is a Leader in his Profession, in his Business, and Social Communities. He is the kind of expert professional that we all want on our team. I have no reservations when I say to you that you want Carter to represent you when it comes to Your Insurance needs! You’ll be impressed for years to come.”


We don’t stop there. At Pacific Insurance Group our solutions are comprehensive

Term Life Insurance

We can help you identify your need, then recommend the best term insurance policy to satisfy the specific requirements of your situation.

Permanent Life Insurance

We can help you make the decision between whole and universal life, as well as elaborate on the variety of options within these plans.

Retirement Planning

At Pacific Insurance Group, we use our expertise in life coverage and tax-diversification strategies to help you plan for a more comfortable retirement.

Estate planning

When properly structured, life insurance can serve as one of the most powerful wealth transfer tools, allowing you to pass on more of your estate.

Executive bonus

Executive bonus plans act as a rewarding incentive for individuals who are vital to the success of your business, helping you retain key staff.

Policy reviews

Whether your policy was originally the right fit or not, it’s important that you continue to review it over time, as your needs may change.


We are fully committed to providing people with policies that suit their needs as well as bridging the knowledge gap between the insurance industry and its customers.

We are also engaged in the training of life insurance agents who share the same principles that we do. On both fronts, our objective is to empower people with the correct information. In our opinion, this is one of the most important ways we can better the industry as a whole.

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Client Resources

We offer informational resources that cover a variety of life coverage related topics such as death benefit protection and retirement planning.

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We also sponsor one of the Seattle area’s top networking groups for professionals, Bellevue Connections. Come connect with our community!

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Agent Resources

For agents, we have a comprehensive training portal with dedicated educational resources designed to help provide the best coverage solution.


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